As a grassroots, community-minded organization, we are always looking for volunteers who can jump in with both feet to support our work.


Every day here is different, so we’re particularly looking for creative self-starters who can lead projects through from start to finish. Most volunteers work with children and young adults, so education experience is a plus.

We ask that all volunteers meet the following requirements…

  • 18+ years old

  • Knowledge of Spanish (or planning to enroll in classes in León)

  • Ability to volunteer for two months

  • Willing to volunteer on the weekends (when many of our educational programs take place)

In addition, we are specifically looking for volunteers with the following skills:


Immediate Need: We offer extracurricular classes and activities for students ages 7-18 in the community of Tamarindo. These activities are designed to keep children engaged in school and help bridge gaps in their education. We are always recruiting educators to lead these activities and help students discover the joy of learning.


Upcoming: We also are in the process of building a new community center in Tamarindo. Once this project is finished, we will be able to offer regular daily lessons and activities during the week as well.

Computer Engineer or IT Specialist

Immediate Need: We are in the process of building a new community center in Tamarindo. At present, the community does not have access to the internet. We are searching for an IT specialist who can help us research options and implement a plan to bring internet access to this part of Nicaragua.

Videographer or Digital Storyteller

Immediate Need: As a small but growing not-for-profit organization, we regularly communicate with audiences around the world. We are looking for a videographer or digital storyteller who can help us do this better by using more videos, photos and other multimedia to tell our story online.

Medical Personnel

Immediate Need: Healthcare access is limited within the communities where we work. We are always interested in partnering with qualified physicians or physician groups to bring medical clinics to these areas. In particular, there is a need for vision screening for the children in our projects.

If you would like to volunteer with us, please use the form below to share the following information:

  • Your name and 2-3 sentences about yourself

  • How you found us

  • Why you would like to volunteer

  • Specific interest areas

  • Your questions

There are no program fees to volunteer with MPowering People. All volunteers must be able to support themselves while in León, Nicaragua. While we work in communities outside of León, we ask that volunteers choose housing within the city. We are able to assist with housing placements and recommendations. 

Please contact us with any questions. 


+505 8292 0563

León, Nicaragua