The folks in our communities have big dreams. Some want to excel in school and go on to university. Others want to start businesses and help their families. And everyone wants a better life for themselves and their children.


Because our communities have big dreams, we know that we have to dream big too. Therefore, we approach our mission through three pillars: Learn, Grow, and Build. 

Read more about each of these approaches and related projects below.


We help more students get the education they deserve through our sponsorship program and local activities.



We connect sponsors (“padrinos” and "madrinas") from around the world to children here in León who need assistance with school fees and materials in order to continue their education.


Sabatino and Dominical

We offer classes and activities for students on Saturdays and Sundays. These programs provide students with extra help on schoolwork. They also are designed to make learning fun, so students stay motivated and engaged in their own education.


Community Center

We recently raised funds to build a community center in Tamarindo. Once complete, this facility will allow us to greatly expand access to education for students in the area.


Digital Education

We are partnering with online learning organizations, including d-Teach and You Bridge, to bring more learning opportunities to children and young adults in our communities. This initiative is new, and we are enthusiastic about its potential.


Special Classes

We offer special extracurricular classes on a rotating schedule, based on the interests of our students and the skills and availability of our volunteers. Former volunteers have hosted drawing, music and English classes. We are recruiting volunteers to continue these classes and to offer new ones in the future.


We seek to create pathways to better livelihoods for women and families.



We offer a microfinance program for women and families in our communities to support specific business plans and aspirations.


Business with a Purpose

We are working to establish a new company in León that would fill a gap in the market by offering professional services, such as electric and plumbing support, to local residents and businesses. Our vision is to one day support our educational projects through profits from this company. We also seek to create job opportunities for our program graduates.


We invest in projects designed to make a difference in our communities.


Tamarindo Community Center
We are building a community center in the town of Tamarindo. This center will increase access to education for students, but it will also benefit the community as a whole through features such as shared gardens, space for a new small business, and more.

A few of the planned features include...

  • Gardens: Many of the children in our programs do not have access to fresh fruits and vegetables. We will include a garden in the community center, to both provide produce and demonstrate how to grow and maintain personal gardens.

  • Wifi: Tamarindo does not have internet. We are working to change that by bringing wifi to our center, allowing community residents to access a world of information and resources.

  • Tourism: Tamarindo is a beautiful place, with a large river that is popular for fishing. Our new center will have space to accommodate a few tourists, allowing us to both raise awareness of our projects and earn money to support the center.


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