This is how MPP works

Mpowering People consists of two teams.

In The Netherlands
In The Netherlands we still work solely with the dedication of enthusiastic volunteers. Together they are committed to giving information, to taking care of public relations, fundraising and campaigns to involve schools. In addition, together with founder Dorien van Schie, we develop new courses of action and new projects. The governing body puts policies, the execution of the projects and the financial administration of the foundation to the test.

In Nicaragua
The team in Nicaragua guarantees a professional performance of the educational programme. They receive a modest salary for this. Besides, MPP invests in schooling its staff members. In the not too distant future we hope that we can offer our Nicaraguan colleagues a health insurance and salary connected savings account. At the moment, however, we do not have the financial possibilities to put this into practice. Together with the team and the parents’ committee Dorien is developing new projects, for it is our aim that the team in Nicaragua will develop in such a way that within a maximum of ten years its members will be able to stand on their own feet. In order to make all of this possible Dorien spends time in Nicaragua regularly. She pays for this out of her own pocket. Moreover, she seriously thinks about settling in Nicaragua for a prolonged stay fairly soon.

In everyday practice
Every month through schools involved our team in Nicaragua receives dozens of requests from parents and children who want to be admitted to our programme. Unfortunately we do not have sufficient funds to respond favourably to all these requests. Therefore our team has drawn up entry requirements. As soon as we have more financial possibilities to accept extra children the team will explore further opportunities.

Each child a supervisor of its own
After a new child has been admitted, he/she gets a supervisor (tutor) of its own. This supervisor sees to it that school fees are paid. Then he or she goes to the market with the child and its parents to buy a school uniform, shoes, books and exercise-books. In everyday practice the supervisors act as tutor, big brother and friend and in this way they build a relationship of trust. They stimulate the children to go to school every day and to do their homework. Every week they solve dozens of problems, at school and at home. For that purpose among other things they organize a meeting with the parents in their own quarters every month.
Working at self-esteem and self-confidence
In addition to personal supervision and home visits Mpowering People’s team organizes:
• homework classes
• information sessions
• a holiday programme
• and fairly soon: baseball and athletics training and tournaments twice a year
• moreover, fairly soon: workshops in street theatre and two festivals a year

The aim of all these activities is to strengthen the children’s self-esteem and self-confidence. In order to make them grow up to be strong people with a future in which they have every chance of being successful.




Give the children of Nicaragua a future!

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