Our focus

Three themes

The goal of Mpowering People is to empower underprivileged children, teenagers and adults with the opportunities, resources and support they need to be self-sufficient, create a better future for themselves and their families and help build up their country.

To achieve our goal, our empowerment program embraces three key themes:

Our results!

  • 160 street children attend primary school, secondary school and vocational school via our empowerment programme.
  • 225 children receive home schooling every day thanks to the support of children’s stamps.
  • 12 children have successfully completed vocational school and are now moving on to our new junior programme.
  • Two young people are studying at university – and are paying their own way.
  • Three young people have permanent jobs and two have work-experience jobs.















Want to find out more about how we work?

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Give the children of Nicaragua a future!

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