MPowering People
Our name and our aim

Our goal is ...

To give street children in Nicaragua a future without poverty, violence, prostitution or drugs.

How we do it ?

To achieve our goal, we have organized our Empowerment programme around themes that are at the heart and soul of what we work on and what we hope to accomplish:

• Education and vocational training
• Personal and social development

Yes, I believe every child has the right to an education

  • For just 5 euros a month you can give a child a school uniform and shoes
  • For 10 euros a month you can send a child to primary school for a year
  • For 50 euros a month you can help a child learn a vocation
Use our online form to make a gift to a street child quickly and easily.

Giro 9682855
MPowering People, Haarlem

99.8% of your donation goes directly to helping the children

Walk the walk with MPP - and let a Nicaraguan child go to primary school for a year!

On the night bridging the 19th and 20th of June, MPP is organising a unique sponsored moonwalk.

Join us on one of the shortest nights of the year, as we stride out along the beach from the Hoek van Holland to Scheveningen.

MPP newsletter goes digital!

Now online in English and Dutch!

Because we like to keep all our friends and valued partners up to date about the progress of our projects and new events, from now on we will be publishing our quarterly newsletter online in both English and Dutch.

You can also sign up to have your copy of the newsletter delivered free to your email inbox 4 x a year.

Newsletter March 2010


Give the children of Nicaragua a future!

Giro 9682855
MPowering People, Haarlem