About us

Our organisation

MPowering People foundation is an independent development aid organisation, established in October 2003.

How it all began

While travelling in Nicaragua, Haarlem-born Dorien van Schie was deeply moved by the hopelessness and poverty she saw in the streets of León. It was her decision to look for an effective way to help the poorest children that launched Mpowering People into existence.

Sustainable solutions and results

Since its founding, Mpowering People has been committed to providing sustainable solutions to the extreme poverty with which the majority of Nicaraguans live. We do this by teaching children, their families and their community the skills, knowledge and abilities that will motivate them to take steps to improve their lives - to be empowered.

Local strengths, international network

All our strategic plans, projects and programmes are developed in close cooperation with our local team of educators and social workers on the ground. Mpowering People has built strong relationships with partner organizations and can count on the support from the community.

Our Team and directors

Mpowering People is managed by a Dutch board of directors who serve on a voluntary basis without salary. The board is supported by a team of volunteers who plan and coordinate fundraising events, PR activities and school campaigns. In Nicaragua, our educational programme is provided by salaried local professionals.


Give the children of Nicaragua a future!

    IBAN: NL86INGB000968285
MPowering People, Haarlem