New plan in action! Work in progress with the children of Tamarindo!

discussion group tamarindo leon volunteer children

This weekend we started with our new educational plan. Therefore we went to Tamarindo, a poor neighborhood in between Leon and Managua where we met with the children and adolescents.

With the aid of some fun games and discussion groups we tried to get to know the children and adolescents. What are their interests? Do they go to school? Which activities can we organize the coming weeks.

From now on we will organize these kinds of sessions every Sunday. Our first sessions was already a big success!

MPowering People

Classroom Leon Nicaragua children

MPowering People is our name and our aim

Our goal is ...
To give street children in Nicaragua a future without poverty, violence, prostitution or drugs.

How we do it ?

To achieve our goal, we have organized our Empowerment programme around themes that are at the heart and soul of what we work on and what we hope to accomplish:

  • Education and vocational training
  • Personal and social development